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    Picnic Table Decorations

    As autumn approaches I always feel the need to squeeze in one last time for every summer activity. One last beach trip, one last day at the park and one last picnic. With Labor Day coming up, it provides [...]

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    Summer Cottage Prep

    Even though summer is in full swing, there is still plenty of time to use a summer cottage if you are fortunate enough to have one. If it has been sitting empty all year, however, the thought of cleaning [...]

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    Minimalist Style Guide

    “Minimalism” is a popular buzzword these days. Depending on your personality, it could either evoke feelings of peace or dread. Even if you love stuff, as most of us do, paring down to just the essentials can be incredibly [...]

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    Summer Gardens

    We often think of spring as the time to plant gardens but if you haven’t started yet and still want to try your hand at growing something it’s not too late. There are actually a few categories that do [...]

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    Perfect Porch

    There are few things better than sitting outside with family and friends enjoying a summer evening. However, if your porch is unkempt or boring it detracts from the fun. So make the most of your outdoor space with these [...]

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    Rustic Glam Decor

    We have seen the rustic decor trend gaining popularity and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. However, this summer is all about elegance with classic black and white color schemes and glitzy gold touches. While [...]

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    Summer 2016 Colors

    Summer 2016 Colors Now that it is officially summer, make sure your home reflects this relaxing, carefree time of year with your color choices. Whether you want to paint a room or simply add some warm weather touches to [...]

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    Kids’ Room Organization

    Life can get hectic during the school year and during the summer. With camps, sports, and the great outdoors who wants to be inside! Often, bedrooms get messy and disorganized. Now is a great time to sort through, and [...]

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    Minimalist Color Palatte How To

      No matter what size your apartment or house, choosing paint colors can be a daunting task. You don’t want your home to feel sterile with all white walls but neither do you want to go overboard with colors. [...]

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