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    Modern Interior Design Inspiration

    Do you ever feel stressed out by all the great modern interior design ideas out there? We do love spending hours on pinterest and blogs, and they are awesome tools for inspiring modern interior design ideas. But, like we’ve said, [...]

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    Nostalgic Fall Design in Michigan

    You don’t have to go to New York to ride a holiday nostalgia train (though, that would be great too). You can create your own sense of nostalgia at home.   Here in Michigan we have many autumnal traditions [...]

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    How Home Interior Designer’s Save the Day

    Charles Newman and his wife are now in their eighth home that they have either remodeled or rebuilt. Even with so much remodeling expertise, they chose Home Interior Warehouse to help them with their current home and believe it [...]

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    Nursery Ideas beyond Pink and Blue

    Having a baby is many things: wonderful, exciting, overwhelming, joyous and a little scary. One thing it is definitely not is boring, so why should your new little addition’s room be? Forget standard little girl pink or baby boy [...]

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    Dorm Room Elegance

    Dorm Room Elegance Just because you’re living in a dorm room, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all style and sophistication. There are plenty of ways to add a little elegance to any living situation, even if you are [...]

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    Picnic Table Decorations

    As autumn approaches I always feel the need to squeeze in one last time for every summer activity. One last beach trip, one last day at the park and one last picnic. With Labor Day coming up, it provides [...]

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    Front Porch Furniture for Parties

    If you enjoy entertaining you know that no one wants to keep the fun inside when the weather is nice. Cooler weather will be here soon enough, so make the most of summer and make sure your porch and [...]

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    Summer Cottage Prep

    Even though summer is in full swing, there is still plenty of time to use a summer cottage if you are fortunate enough to have one. If it has been sitting empty all year, however, the thought of cleaning [...]

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    Minimalist Style Guide

    “Minimalism” is a popular buzzword these days. Depending on your personality, it could either evoke feelings of peace or dread. Even if you love stuff, as most of us do, paring down to just the essentials can be incredibly [...]

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