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Northville Dining Room Interior Design Project

Creating Your Dining Room Space

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips
The family meal can be one of the most interactive, enjoyable aspects of your life. A well-designed dining room can maximize the joy and significance of this daily ritual. Besides a place for you and your family to eat, the…

Make a Statement in the Bedroom

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips
Your bedroom is where you spend many hours resting and rejuvenating, so it should probably be at the top of your list when it comes to decorating your home. Your bed frame and mattress is easily the focal point of…
Envision sofa line

Buying the Perfect Sofa

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips, Furniture
If there is one place in your home that you want to relax after a long day, where would it be? If you answered your sofa, you’re not alone. A sofa is probably one of the first things you are…

It’s All About Customizing

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips, Furniture
Whether you are decorating your first home or re-decorating for a season, Home Interior Warehouse can help you add that certain custom charm to your home. You want your house to be unique and reflect your personality and finding those…

Giving Your Room the WOW factor!

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips
Nothing completes a room better than the small finishing touches. It could be a comfy side chair, a stunning piece of artwork or a classy coffee table centerpiece. These pieces are crucial in giving your room the WOW factor. Choosing…
spring color

Trendy Spring Colors: Part 2

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips, Furniture
Spring is officially here and at Home Interior Warehouse, we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s just take a moment to ignore the barrage of rain we’ve been having in Southeast Michigan and focus on the beauty that is abounding all…
black and white spring color trends

Trendy Spring Colors: Part 1

folder_openDecorating, Design Tips, Furniture
Ahh-spring! It’s such a delightful feeling when the weather starts to warm up, isn’t it? There’s something magical about those first few spring days where our eyes need to adjust to the sunshine and our little Michigander hearts rejoice! After…
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