Cambridge Model at the Rathmor Park Subdivision, Hunter Pasteur Homes

Cambridge Model at the Rathmor Park Subdivision, Hunter Pasteur Homes

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Step through the doors to discover a foyer that whispers an invitation to explore further. Beyond it, the dining area awaits, crowned by an understated yet elegant chandelier, its light casting a warm glow over the wooden table setting — an ideal stage for intimate dinners and lively feasts alike.

The kitchen, a streamlined vision of contemporary design, features crisp white cabinetry and a classic subway tile backsplash, set against the rich backdrop of dark wooden floors. It is a testament to tasteful simplicity, offering both beauty and functionality without the need for embellishment.

Our study reimagines productivity with style, where polished wooden bookcases stand against an inspiring desk, inviting moments of focus and innovation. It’s a space that balances the need for concentration with the luxury of aesthetic pleasure.

The living area is a grand spectacle of volume and light, with ceilings that reach towards the sky and windows that frame the world outside. Here, a stone fireplace anchors the space, surrounded by plush seating that promises comfort and conversation.

Each bedroom is a private retreat, offering a distinct character – from the playful charm of the superhero-themed room to the tranquil primary suite, where neutral tones and plush textiles evoke a sense of calm and luxury.

We invite you to experience the tranquility and refined taste that define the Cambridge Model – a testament to our commitment to excellence in interior design.

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