2020 has arrived which means “new year, new me!” This also applies to new design trends on the horizon! If you are trying to figure out how to decorate your home this year here are some ideas for the revamp! These are the trends that top designers reveal that are worth trying in your home.


1. Mix Old & New- This year people are no longer going for perfect “look” in their home. They are taking the design of their homes to the next level by mix and matching old and new decorative items. Blending modern trends with inherited pieces or sentimental importance is what makes our home unique. These decorative pieces can include locally made souvenirs, surfaces with scratches, or mixed metals. Metals will be taking over 2020 with silver, copper, tin, and gold. Although these textures work well together, be careful not to mix more than three metals in one space. Overmixing metals can become too busy and gaudy for one room. Create a balance so that the room looks elegant rather than a mix match of junk! A room that cleverly combines old and new creates a cohesive and calm living space. If you are unsure of how to balance the tones in your home Home Interior Warehouse has in-store interior designers to help you find what you need!


2. Earth tones- Say goodbye to cool tones that have taken over for so many years! This year earth tones are having their fair share of the spotlight with shades of brown, wine, olive, and yellow. The colors used for earth tones mimic the color of wood, metals, and elements found in nature that is often used to make furniture. Earth tones also incorporate forest greens, taupe, and clay that can create a zen-like ambiance made for unwinding after a long day.


3. Return of the Black- Interior design experts has predicted that black is back! Black has returned stronger than ever displaying everywhere on cabinets, sinks, paint, and countertops. Incorporating black walls and finishes can make your home look high-end and trendy. The reason black has taken a back seat in the few past years is that there is an assumption that black made a room appear small and claustrophobic. To ease this concern you can pair black white his partner in crime white. The high contrast of black and white creates a dynamic duo.


4. Patterns- Bold patterns in your home create versatility and drama. Choosing patterns with the right colors can make your home feel timeless. Right beside floral patterns, geometric patterns have been growing in trend for years. You can utilize geometric patterns on flooring, backsplashes, couches, light fixtures and more! If you have an area in your home where you want to make a bold statement just add a pattern.


5. Multifunctional Spaces- Formally separating the space in your home has slowly lost its luster. Do you honestly need an 8-seat formal dining table in your home? As living spaces become more fluid, people are realizing they have unused space that they should put to use. More and more people are opting to combine their furniture and closet spaces, so they can disappear behind doors if they are not being used. We are leaving formal spaces in 2019 and allowing flexible workspaces to flourish in 2020. Flexible spaces are appealing to the eye that blend two functions allowing it to be both inspirational and productive.


This year we will be relaxing with nature and being bold with versatility in our very own home. 2020 is all about using bright colors, patterned prints, and sustainable multipurpose spaces. Home Interior Warehouse is super excited for this year and can’t wait to help you find what you need to make your home trendy and luxurious!

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