One of the most fun yet most challenging parts of designing a home happens when it’s time to determine which accents & lighting will bring the whole look together. The process of decorating your home is a unique way to show off your personal style but it can also be a little daunting. How do you decorate your home so that it feels inviting and finished without feeling overdone? How do you get your shelves to look just like they do in the magazines? At Home Interior Warehouse, we’re lovers of neutral decor. This season we’ve been showing you how to keep things neat and neutral while still adding that “wow” factor. In this blog, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite accent pieces and lighting options to show you how you can transform your home!

Neutral Accents: Lighting

Nothing transforms a space more than accents & lighting. When choosing which lighting to use in your space, it’s important to think through how the space will be used day in and day out. For many of us, the placement of overhead lighting is not something we can easily change. This is when accent pieces like table lamps and floor lamps really come into play. Accent lighting can dramatically shift the feel of your space. Want to create a cozy reading nook or sit back and enjoy a glass of wine? Soft lighting throughout the space will really help set the tone and mood. The photos above are some gorgeous examples of neutral lighting that adds a touch of elegance to a space. Home Interior Warehouse also offers a large variety of absolutely stunning overhead lighting options like chandeliers and orb lights. If you’re in need of a beautiful light fixture, be sure to visit our showroom!

Neutral Accents: Statement Pieces

Decorating with accents & lighting is one of the best ways to really show off your true design colors. We love incorporating a stunning statement piece into our designs. When you visit our showrooms you’ll see gorgeous statement pieces peppered throughout the store like the ones shown in the photos above. An elegant statement piece can add a spark to your decor like a pop of color such as the unexpected metallic rust of the chair seen above. Mirrored finishes are always in style and interesting geometric details are right on trend. Your decor can remain neutral yet exciting with the right statement piece.

Neutral Accents: Decor

Is there anything more fun than decorating a gorgeous room with all the finishing touches like home decor? At Home Interior Warehouse we have so many unique and playful decor pieces to choose from and the best part is, they all flow perfectly with a neutral decor scheme. You can add interest to your decor by playing with shapes and height. Incorporating unexpected finishes and pops of color will really add some spice to your furniture. Layering items like colorful books, decorative orbs, and beautiful vases/containers will add personality and depth to your space. We also love to use neutral rugs with plush fabric in our decor settings and interior design projects. Check out these fabulous rugs from some of the many vendors at Home Interior Warehouse!

The sky’s the limit when decorating with accents & lighting. Do you need help choosing the perfect pieces for your home? Our interior designers want you to have it all. Get in touch with our professional interior design team to see how we can make your decorating dreams a reality!

Our online store shows you just some of the many pieces we have to offer. Be sure to visit our showrooms to see our entire product line. At Home Interior Warehouse there’s always something new. For more design tips and showroom updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s in store.


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