Not all of us have a green thumb, but it doesn’t have to stop you from bringing a natural essence into your home design! Research suggests that having plants in your home can help improve your mood and make the area feel brighter. With summer finally on it’s way, we want to share ways you can spruce up your living space with artificial botanicals. So what are you waiting for? Here are a some ideas that you can incorporate when you’re decorating to bring Mother Nature into your home.

Arranging Artificial Botanicals:

Who says fake flowers have to look fake? Making your arrangement appear freshly picked only requires a few simple tricks!

  • Don’t be afraid to cut the stems! If you start by making sure your flowers are loose and separated, you’ll have better control over the arrangement design. When creating a bouquet, use odd numbers of flowers, stems, leaves and accents to enhance it’s natural beauty. Asymmetry is a key factor in floral decorating – after all, nothing in nature is perfect!
  • It might seem silly at first, but when decorating with artificial botanicals in a clear vase, adding water will make it seem more realistic.
  • The container you use for your flowers is perhaps the most important factor of all, and it can make or break your arrangement! When decorating with long-stemm
    ed flowers, use a tall vase that accents the colors of the flowers. When decorating with sprawling botanicals, try a wide or boxy container, to visually elongate the display.
  • You can always use more than one arrangement, even if they consist of the same flowers. Place them on different levels on some shelves, or in an asymmetrical row on a long table where they can compliment each other nicely!

Seasonal Centerpieces:

Each season brings its own sweet scent of floral goodness! Tulips and orchids in the spring, sunflowers in the fall, and an endless amount of other beautiful and classic seasonal flowers in-between. Of course, green houseplants and succulents brighten a room all year long.

Take advantage of the seasonal changes by playing with thematic colors and foliage. When a season comes to a close, get more use out of your arrangement by switching rooms or shelf placements, especially centerpieces.

Summertime is abundant with wildflowers and grasses. Bright and vibrant colors like blue, fuchsia, and yellow can make a mantle or dining room table pop with liveliness! Make sure the arrangement of flowers doesn’t clash with the colors of the furniture or accent pieces of the room. Likewise, you can play with the wall colors and room decor by adding notes of contrast, like dark purple flowers in a light-colored room. One of the absolutely best things about decorating with artificial botanicals is the ability to be creative, have more flexibility, and above all, create a longer lasting design!


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