Last week we (very excitedly) shared a recent interior design project with you. Didn’t you just fall in love with those before and after photos? We took a little time to ask Betta (the fabulous West Bloomfield homeowner ) about her experience working with the Home Interior Warehouse Interior Design Team so let’s jump right in!

Q. Is this your first experience with an interior designer or have you worked with one before?
I had worked with an interior designer before…but that was 30 years ago!

 Q. What made you seek out an interior designer to help with your home?
Well, I did not feel confident enough to do it [interior design] on my own. I knew of Jackie (Owner, Home Interior Warehouse) and her store(s) and really loved what she did so I decided I would use them in my own home.

Q. What were the main reasons you decided to hire Home Interior Warehouse to do your interior design?
Oh, it was just so overwhelming for me to go into a store and see so many different types of furniture and fabrics. I just really needed help. When I went into Home Interior Warehouse Jackie showed me many of her interior design projects and they were beautiful! I thought she did a great job. I was impressed with Jackie’s work.

Q. How has having an interior designer affected your design hopes and dreams?
Now, anyone who comes to my home now cannot believe the transformation of my house! Before, I used to go right upstairs to my bedroom when I’d get home. I never stayed downstairs because it just wasn’t pretty. Now I sit downstairs because it’s so pretty and I just love it! The first month or two after Jackie finished working on my home I just thought “wow!” whenever I’d come home. I would think, “This is what I really live in!” She did such a fabulous job.

Q. How would you describe the style of your home? Contemporary/Modern? Rustic? Classic? Something else?
I’d say contemporary but not overly contemporary. I guess you could say classic contemporary. It’s just a very beautiful, comfortable and classic design.

Q. Did you know this was your style before or did the interior designer help you discover that?
Jackie definitely helped me discover that. I was contemporary before but it was contemporary from 30 years ago. Nothing like that is around these days!

Q. Was having an interior designer the experience you expected?
More! Definitely more! Jackie was fantastic to work with. I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend her to anyone I know. There’s nothing left for her to do in my home!

Q. Do you have a favorite piece or pieces that were added to your home? Why is it/are they your favorite?
I love the ottoman and the glass flowers but it’s hard for me to say because I love everything. The flowers really bring in a lot of color. The ottoman is different; it’s not your typical cocktail table… it’s huge! But, the whole design is really my favorite. The chairs are so comfortable. The sofas are so comfortable. I really love everything. I’m so happy, it all just looks beautiful. This has been everything I could have hoped for.

See all the gorgeous photos here! 

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