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Cindy and her husband Terry have lived in many houses before, but when they moved into their first brand new home in Novi they wanted to have it professionally decorated. They were unsure of the design style they wanted for their new home, but with the help of Jackie from Home Interior Warehouse, Cindy feels their home now fits them perfectly.

What made you seek out an interior designer to help with your home?My Husband and I were seeking a professional interior designer for our new home. Our prior home was, we felt, out-of-style and we were looking for sophistication in style, color, texture, and ultimately the ‘wow’ factor.

What were the main reasons you decided to hire Home Interior Warehouse to do your interior design?
We trusted Toll Brothers’ recommendation of Home Interior Warehouse and I followed up by calling and speaking with Jackie. My Husband and I were impressed that she does not charge an hourly fee like most professional interior designers. In addition, we were given a 30% discount because we are Toll Brothers customer.

We were immediately impressed by the knowledge that she had been responsible for interior designs of new home models.  Her portfolio speaks for itself.

I was concerned that our budget would not support the dream house we were hoping for, but before any commitments were made, she visited our home to conduct a walk through.  We went from room to room discussing ideas and I felt an immediate connection with her.

How has having an interior designer affected your design hopes and dreams?
We feel that our dream of having the home we always wanted has been satisfied. We first starting working with Jackie at Home Interior Warehouse in January of 2015 and one of the first questions she asked was what style do we like. This was difficult because we knew nothing about the different styles. When we described what we were looking for she knew immediately that we were describing “traditional contemporary”.

Jackie made a lot of recommendations that were all spot on when it was put together. From the rug and couches to the accessories and artwork it all fit with the picture we had in our minds. Occasionally there was a time where we said “No, we’re not into flowers, we’re looking for this,” and she would go with a different direction. She always had other options available.

Was having an interior designer the experience you expected?
Home Interior Warehouse exceeded our expectations. Our Neighbors were so impressed with our home interior design that they, too, are working with Jackie. She was with us from start to finish on each and every project. It’s been almost two years and we are still decorating our home with Jackie by our side.

What was your favorite part of having a HIW interior designer working in your home?
She was our guide in selecting furniture, accessories, art-work, rugs, paint colors and drapery for our 3,600 square foot home. We entrusted her with all our home needs. We have 10 foot ceilings in great room and the artwork she chose is beautiful. It is contemporary and abstract style and is my favorite part of the house.

She was also very helpful in picking paint colors for each room. Having her design our home was not just about furniture and accessories but she helped with other areas of our home that she doesn’t do personally but was able to guide us in.

We still love going to the Home Interior Warehouse even if it’s to just browse.  There is always something new: art, furniture, accessories, arrangements, florals and carpentry to name a few.

If you are in need of interior design services in Novi give us a call: (248) 624-6400. Check out more of our projects on our Interior Design page.

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