The family meal can be one of the most interactive, enjoyable aspects of your life. A well-designed dining room can maximize the joy and significance of this daily ritual. Besides a place for you and your family to eat, the dining room becomes a social center where you can host dinner guests or game nights.

At Home Interior Warehouse, we want to help you create your perfect vision of a dining room. With our ability to customize the elements of your dining room, we are confident you can find what you are looking for with us! Contact one of our design experts today to create custom charm in your home. The perfect dining room starts with the perfect pieces, so here are our tips for choosing them.

The perfect table. The centerpiece of any dining room, your table is probably the first piece of furniture you will be choosing when it comes to designing your dining room. Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, and we understand that the process of making your choice can be overwhelming. Most importantly you want a table that will fit everyone who will be sitting at your table every day. On average, most people need about two feet of eating space.

Next, measure your dining room to be sure the table you’re interested in will fit. You’ll need to include space for chairs; we recommend leaving 42–48 inches between the table and the wall. After considering your space, it’s time to consider color and finishes. Probably the most creative portion of the table process, it’s important to pick a color and finish that compliments the wall and aesthetic of the room.

The perfect chairs. The right chair is essential for any dining room table. Choosing chairs can be a daunting task, because the options are endless. Do you want upholstery or easy-to-clean wood? High-backed chairs all around or do you want to include a bench?

We suggest allowing 12 inches between the seat of your chair and your tabletop and seven inches between the chair arm and the bottom (the “apron”) of the table. If you plan on having a lot of dinner parties, consider an upholstered chair to keep your guests comfortable. If you’re looking for something easy to clean, then a non-upholstered chair may be preferable.

Bench seating is the hidden gem of dining room seating. A bench can give a rustic feel to your home and take up less space in the dining room. Benches are easily customizable with options for storage spaces, wood finishes, and distressing.

The perfect wall. Your dining room isn’t complete without wall decor. This is a chance for you to express yourself! Consider a statement piece plus several small accents. Or consider an eclectic approach, with pieces of various sizes throughout the room. You can also create a collage with a collection of smaller pieces.

Beyond paintings, having architectural pieces are always a nice touch. A statement mirror can be a good option for any dining room. Since your table and chairs are long-term, substantial pieces, work with the aesthetic they offer, such as farmhouse or classic.

dining room interior design project - home interior warehouseThe perfect lighting. Ample lighting is crucial for doing things like homework, game nights, projects, or dinner parties. So when you’re creating your dining room, consider overhead lighting as well as side-table lighting. While natural light is wonderful, be sure you’ll have enough light for a late-evening meal.

Lighting fixtures that hang above your dining table should be match your table. If you have a round table opt for a fixture that is also round. If you have a rectangular table try choosing one that is oval or more linear.

Finally when buying a lighting fixture consider the size and space of the dining room. Buy a big chandelier if you have a large dining space and stick to more pendent style fixtures if you have less space.

The perfect touch. Accessorizing your dining room is a great way to add some personality. A large statement piece in the center of the table, like a vase or decorative object, can be enjoyed for a while, and then modified or traded out for variety and shifting interests. Avoid cluttering your room with too many accessories can make your room feel cluttered. Complete your look with coordinated linens and dishware.

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