Have you ever tried you hand at decorating with silk florals? If you haven’t, we can wholeheartedly say you are missing out! At Home Interior Warehouse we are proud to offer custom and designer-made silk floral arrangements. As a home furnishing and interior design store, we saw a need to also provide our customers and clients with a simple and affordable way to incorporate the beauty of nature in their homes. While we absolutely love fresh floral arrangements, we adore the versatility and long-lasting qualities of silk floral arrangements. We’d love for you to take everything you think you know about silk florals and casually throw it out the window! What were once cheap and plastic looking, silk floral arrangements have come a long way and evolved over the years. In this blog post we’ll share why silk florals are the best option when it comes to decorating your home and offer some unique floral arrangement ideas. Happy planting!

Unexpected Benefits

It may seem obvious that silk florals don’t have an expiration date but did you know that these budding beauties are also hypoallergenic? If you’re like many a Michigander, when the long-awaited spring and summer sunshine finally makes its grand entrance its unexpected pal, seasonal allergies, tags along with it –talk about a bummer! Certain types of flowers can trigger your allergies more than others, but you don’t have to let that stop you from decorating with your favorite finds. Silk florals won’t be tickling anyone’s nose no matter where you put them in your home. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain. Like most folks with careers, families and hobbies, watering your plants may not be very high on your to-remember list. You’ll never have to see another wilted flower in your home again when you decorate with silk florals. The only maintenance these beautiful buds need is a light dusting every now and again. Plus, if you’re tired of a certain look you can easily box silks florals  to save in storage for a later date or simply place it somewhere else in your home, regardless of how sunny or shady the place might be.

We love how versatile silk florals are when it comes to placement; they make perfect additions to bookshelves, coffee tables, entryway tables, nooks, and dining room tables and add pops of gorgeous color all throughout your home. Whether you decorate seasonally or celebrate various holidays, silk floral arrangements can be the perfect accent to your home’s décor.

silk floral arrangementsChic & Sassy

When it comes to designing your perfect arrangement, the possibilities are endless. We recommend having a theme in mind before you begin. Once you’ve settled on a theme (think color, holiday, event), next comes choosing a size. The overall size of your silk floral arrangement will depend on where you’re putting it in your home or office. Will the arrangement be in a place that’s easily accessible by children? Will it be in a heavy-traffic area? It’s important to keep these things in mind when choosing the different options; the last thing you’ll want is a big, beautiful bouquet that you’ll have to duck past to make conversation. The size of your arrangement will also determine what you’ll use as the flower base. Our custom silk floral department offers the flexibility to bring your own special vase or pot or use one of ours to have our designers create a fabulous arrangement. Whether you have a treasured vase you’d like to use or are needing some inspiration, our in-house floral designer can help you dream up the perfect design. We also love coming up with creative ways to fill your vase. If your vase is glass and see-through you can fill it with colorful crystals, glass, and beads.

Whether you want something simple to liven up a cozy nook or are looking to make a statement in your grand entryway, silk floral arrangements are the perfect choice. Our silk-floral department boasts the quality you’d expect from Michigan’s premiere furniture and home décor store. Our in-house floral designers create beautiful arrangements for all seasons using the best silk florals and greenery available. You will be amazed at the realistic look and feel of our custom designed silk flower arrangements. We offer a wide range of colors and flower types to suite any decor. Not sure what you want? Stop by our store for a free consultation and peruse our showroom to see the many styles we have on display.

As always, our professional staff is ready to assist you. With years of interior design experience, each of our expert staff members can help transform your space into the room you’ve always wanted. Our online store shows you just some of the many pieces we have to offer. Don’t forget to invite your pals and make your shopping trip into a girls-night experience! Be sure to check our showroom to see our entire product line. At Home Interior Warehouse there’s always something new.

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