One of our interior designers, Darlene, recently finished an interior design project in Birmingham, MI for Earl N. Earl is not new to Home Interior Warehouse, this is, in fact, the second home we have done for him. He is a loyal customer and trusts us with his interior designing needs. He said “Home Interior Warehouse has great taste and really helped me reduce the burden of finding the perfect fit items for our home.”

Since this home had a different “personality” than their previous home, Darlene had to work with Earl to create a new look that would work with their new home. This particular home was built in the 1930s with more of a transitional style and incorporated more greys and blues in the color scheme.

The two unique aspects of the home Darlene and Earl wanted to highlight was the beautiful windows in the family room and the sunroom, which the other home did not have. In each room it was important to create comfortable, inviting spaces where they can relax and enjoy the light the windows provide.

Q: What made you seek out an interior designer to help with your home?

A: I really wanted a more polished overall look and feel. And I trust Home iNterior Warehouse because I have worked with them in the past, so it was an easy decision of who to choose when I decided I wanted an interior designer.

Q: Did the interior designing plan of the home change at any point during the designing process? If so why. (For example, you may have changed color schemes or material.)

A: No, thankfully everything went really smoothly. Home Interior Design was very meticulous and made every choice intentional.  I’m thankful for that!

Q: Did you know this was your style before or did the interior designer help you discover that?

A: I would say a little bit of both. The designer knew what I wanted and opened me up to new possibilities, so that was a good experience.

Q: How would you describe the style of your home?

A: I would say the style of my home is classical modern. It has elements of a classical style, but with a modern twist.

Q: What was your favorite part of having a HIW interior designer working in your home?

A: Honestly, the reveal moment was my favorite part of the whole experience. I really liked that I didn’t have to pick every piece of furniture or accent piece, but the designer knew what I would want. When I saw the pieces for the first time it was amazing.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece or pieces that were added to your home? Why is it/are they your favorite?

A: Picking a favorite piece is way too hard, I honestly love them all. Everything Home Interior Warehouse picked out was perfect. I love every addition.

Darlene loved working with this client and their home. She fell in love with their home will miss working on this project.

Getting the look you’ve always wanted has never been easier with Home Interior Warehouse’s interior design services. In addition to having two home decor/furniture showrooms in Southeast Michigan, our team of professional designers works on local interior design projects throughout the year. As always, our professional staff is ready to help you transform your space into the home you’ve always wanted.

Our online store shows you just some of the many pieces we have to offer. Be sure to visit our showrooms to see our entire product line. At Home Interior Warehouse there’s always something new. For more design tips and showroom updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s in store.


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