At Home Interior Warehouse, we love offering our interior design services to homeowners throughout Southeast Michigan. In this blog, we have a chat with Mona M. about her and her husband’s experiences working with our interior design team in Canton, MI. We just love how this project came together! Read on for more details and see more photos below.

Q. Is this your first experience working with an interior designer or have you worked with one before?
A. Yes. This was the first time working with an interior designer.
Q. What made you seek out an interior designer to help you with your home?
A. I decided to seek out an interior designer because I was building a new home. I knew what I liked, and what I wanted my home to represent. However, I knew I did not have the skill set or the time to put it all together.
Q. What were the main reasons you decided to hire Home Interior Warehouse to do your interior design work?
A. The main reason I hired HIW to complete my design was because I was referred to Jackie. After meeting with Jackie, I knew that she had the talent to bring my vision to reality.
Q. Did you know this was your style before or did the interior designer help you discover that?
A. The style of my home is modern/rustic/classic. I knew what I liked before meeting my designer. However, Jackie knew how to bring elements of what I liked to the forefront, and eliminate aspects that would have aged the home. Some of my choices might have been old fashion, and she knew how to keep everything current.
Q. What was your favorite part of having an HIW interior designer working in your home? How would you describe the way the interior designer listened and interpreted your design hopes and dreams?
A. Having a designer was a positive experience. It took a lot of the stress away, given that I did not have time to focus on developing a cohesive home design. Jackie was able to not just focus on the larger scheme, but all the small details as well.
The best part of working with HIW was that I could trust that the designer would complete the job at hand with the utmost professionalism. The team is talented and creative. Jackie listened to what I liked as well as my husband’s preferences. Each of us had a very different style. She was able to take elements of both of our interest and construct a design style we agreed upon. Jackie was attentive, detail oriented, and I knew I did not have to worry about the end result.  Working with HIW allowed me to move into my new home without the stress of needing to go from furniture store to furniture store, trying to create a home design that would not have compared to the end result with HIW. HIW was one stop for all my home design needs.
Q. Do you have a favorite piece or favorite pieces? Why are they your favorite?
A. I have many favorite pieces, however, my favorite room is my solarium. Jackie created a room that is soothing and calm, while simultaneously bright. The colors in the room shift with the natural light. The decor, light, and tone in the room create a natural transition to the outdoors, at the same time bringing elements of nature indoors. Everyone who enters my home is drawn to the solarium.

See the full design portfolio here.

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