Nothing completes a room better than the small finishing touches. It could be a comfy side chair, a stunning piece of artwork or a classy coffee table centerpiece. These pieces are crucial in giving your room the WOW factor. Choosing an accent piece can be challenging which is why most people stress about choosing the perfect piece, however, we have a few simple tips that will make the process easier.

Jazz up your Walls

A lot of people may think painting a wall is enough, but that’s not the case; punch up your wall by adding an eye-catching piece of wall decor. Most people focus on a canvas or framed artwork, but there are a lot more options:

  1. This allows you to display an array of sculptures, framed photos, greenery and more.
  2. Add a unique tapestry on your wall can bring fun colors and texture in your room.
  3. Properly placed and sized mirrors are a great way to add interest as well as make the room look larger. We offer a wide range of mirrors that have unique frames, shapes or overlaid patterns.
  4. Metal Work. Show a modern or industrial flair with a metal sculpture. Or consider using a fun clock, which can be both artistic and functional.

Get a little inspiration with our selection of our popular wall décor options shown on our website.

Look for Opportunities to add Color

People love to get fixated on a color scheme and while they help you focus; it can become a little boring. That’s where accent pieces come in, choose a piece that is bold in color and you’re sure to add that pop of color you want. Pieces like pillows with different patterns of colors and bold vases or sculptures all help you achieve total room harmony. We think pillows are severely underrated but think about it this way; pillows offer an inexpensive way to experiment with patterns and color. For example, try bold geometric prints for a modern aesthetic and florals and paisleys for more traditional decor. Vases can get repetitive but choosing oddly shaped vases with different sizes and textures will keep your vase collection fresh and on trend. Don’t stick to clear or white vases; make a statement with silver or boldly colored vases that will stand out and not become just another vase.

Small botanical arrangements

Accessories are a Good Thing

Don’t underestimate the importance of accessories in your designing process. Accessories are pieces that can add some character to any room in your house. Now this does not mean you’re just picking random pieces to put anywhere in your home. Every accent piece first and foremost should have a purpose and meaning. Baskets, storage boxes, candles, blankets/throws, bowls and for the more adventurous maybe an antique birdcage can all be accent pieces. And let’s not forget about sculptures, these eclectic pieces of art aren’t just meant for your garden outside but could be the piece that has everyone talking at your dinner party. We find that sculptural objects are not only decorative, but great for open-layout spaces. For example, sculptures can help distinguish separate spaces and they also do well on their own to highlight the artwork’s dramatic color.

When choosing an accessory consider asking yourself some questions (1) What purpose does this piece serve in this room? (2) Does the piece enhance the layout of my design? (3) Does this piece add texture or color to my room? (4) Is the piece eye-catching enough?

Coffee table arrangement in the Schmidt home

Keep Scale in Mind

Proportion and size are everything when you’re designing with accent pieces. You never want pieces that are too big or too small in your room. You always want a harmonious and balanced space. You want to make sure that accent pieces meant for utility like coffee or end tables are not crowded by accessories that overtake the space. If you want an accent piece on your table make sure it is proportional to the table, nothing too big that you can no longer use it, but also nothing too small that it doesn’t seem purposeful. Always keep things in perspective.

Accent Furniture

Chairs, tables and sofa can also become accent pieces. When you’re picking accent furniture make sure it has some flair to it. Choose coffee and end tables that have some interesting distresses, designs or structure. Consider buying smaller tables because they are likely to have more unique designs. Chairs are an overlooked accent piece, but they can be a conversation starter. Choose an accent chair piece with a strong profile, or outstanding upholstery or a color that bowls you over.

Our Walled Lake location offers a tremendous amount of inspiration with over 1,000 accent pieces on display. We are confident you will find what you are looking for! We are here to help give your room the WOW factor! All of our staff have years working in the furniture and design industry. Stop by one of our showrooms and let us help you find the perfect piece(s) for your room.

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