Spring is here! But, we are in Michigan. Sadly for many a Michigander, spring simply means rain, more rain, and snow. Depressing, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be! While we can’t change the Michigan weather we can offer you some simple ways to add a little spring to your home, regardless of what’s happening outside! This season we are dedicated to helping you Spring into Style; whether you’re looking for a little something to liven up your walls or are needing an entire design overhaul, Home Interior Warehouse has you covered. Here are some surefire ways to style your home with sprinkles of spring:

Add Pops of Color

If you think adding a pop of color to your home only happens if and when you paint a wall, think again! You can spring into style by simply adding a few generous pops of color throughout your home. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is by adding a few fun throw pillows to your space. (See photo) Notice how the overall color scheme of this muted space is instantly lightened with the addition of colored and patterned pillows. (The cat in the window doesn’t hurt, either.) The best part about utilizing throw pillows is that once you buy a few, all you have to do is change the cover to instantly freshen up and update your home’s overall look. You can change your pillow covers with the seasons, holidays, or whenever the mood strikes you!

Throw pillows aren’t just for your living or sitting room, either. There are many spaces throughout your home that could benefit from a plush pillow or two. Does your home have an entryway or mudroom? You can sprinkle a little spring by adding a brightly colored pillow to your entryway bench. Colors like hot pink and turquoise are instant mood lifters. Or, if you prefer, pastel tones can still brighten a space in a soft and subtle way.

If you’re looking to make a slightly bigger impact, you can always choose your focal furniture pieces in a colored fabric like the options pictured above. Our team of expert designers loves to incorporate bold and bright pieces into their work. Many of our furniture collections are completely customizable, making each piece truly unique to you. Sofas in rich oceanic tones like emerald and deep cerulean are surefire ways to add hints or spring to your home decor.

Make the Most of your Walls

Again, we can’t stress this enough: freshening up your home doesn’t mean you have to paint your walls! We’ve worked with many clients who are completely intimidated by the design process. We like to reassure our clients that change doesn’t have to be difficult or strenuous and you don’t need to block off a month of weekends to paint your home…unless you want to, of course! Adding a touch of spring to your wall can be as simple as swapping out existing pieces with new and fresh finds. If your walls are bare you have an opportunity at your fingertips. Creating an interesting and eye-catching wall display is one of the best ways to freshen up a space. You can mimic the feeling of spring by using colorful art in spring-like hues such as coral, woodland green, and canary yellow.

Home Accents 

Once you’ve settled on your throw pillows you can easily continue the spring feel by adding playful home accents throughout your space. Adding home accents can be as simple as incorporating textured baskets or as ornate as creating intriguing visual displays. Create a layered look by pairing table lamps with colorful picture frames, meaningful figurines and trinkets, and small boxes. Light a spring-scented candle like gardenia or jasmine and your home will be brimming with feelings of freshness and clarity.

We love incorporating colorful ottomans into our design projects. Ottomans offer the perfect balance of function and style and can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and textures. You can also add depth and dimension to your design by using upholstered pieces in bold prints. This is an excellent way to incorporate a unique piece into your space without committing to an entire theme.

Adding colorful additions to dining room displays, textured poufs, and spring-themed wall art will effortlessly transform your home into a spring-filled space.


Rugs are an often over-looked solution in freshening up your home decor. Diverse and interchangeable, rugs have the power to instantly change the feeling of a space. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Two-dimensional rugs are a thing of the past. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs like the pair in this photo. The bottom rug should always be the largest and we suggest choosing a base rug in a neutral, sandy tone. Beige and greige (gray + beige) are no-fail rug colors as they compliment any and all design styles. Create a layered look by adding a smaller and brightly-colored/patterned rug on top of your neutral base. This look is all about being bold, creative, and playful. Worse comes to worse, you simply remove the top rug and are left with a gorgeous and relaxed look in a neutral tone.


Silk Flowers & Floral Arrangements

We have to remind clients and customers alike that silk flowers have evolved over the last 30+ years. At Home Interior Warehouse, we offer an impressive array of custom silk floral arrangements made by an in-house designer. Our arrangements are lifelike and anything but plastic looking. The best part about silk floral arrangements is that they are in bloom all year long! Bring a little spring into your home that stays fresh even in the winter. Like throw pillows, once you start with a base design you can easily swap out certain flowers for specific holidays, seasons, and events. Filler pieces like twigs, moss, vines, and burlap can be used year-round, regardless of holiday or season. The opportunities are endless and we couldn’t recommend incorporating silk floral arrangements into your home’s decor more!

As always, we are passionate about making your homes just as lovely as you are. Visit either of our showrooms in Walled Lake and Plymouth for even more home decor. For updates on sales and products, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

At Home Interior Warehouse, inspiration is always in bloom. Happy spring!

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