Whether you are decorating your first home or re-decorating for a season, Home Interior Warehouse can help you add that certain custom charm to your home. You want your house to be unique and reflect your personality and finding those pieces can be difficult especially in a time of mass production. That’s where Home Interior Warehouse comes; we believe that custom furniture and pieces allow you to express yourself and give you the most satisfaction. So come through our warehouse and let us help you find the perfect upholstery, couch height, ottoman size or even art piece, the possibilities are endless.

The Living Room

The living room is essential because it is where you and your guests will be the most. It is the prime place to put your mark so that your guests will get a sense of who you are and get a taste of your personality. At Home Interior Warehouse you have the option for customizing ottomans and sofas for your living room. For ottomans, many of our brands allow you to customize the size, top, base or even storage options, giving you the ability to create the perfect piece for your room.

Many of our sofas and sectionals can be customized with your preference for cushioning, arm styles, base and back options, and for those who know what they want your own fabric and trim.

The Bedroom

Having your own space is important for any home and for most it is their bedroom. Whether it is for yourself or to share with your partner, we know the bedroom can be a hassle to get right. Thankfully our customization options allow you to explore your imagination and even find a common ground with your special someone. Your bed is easily the central statement piece of any bedroom so we want to help you find the perfect piece. Choose from any of our brands and make the headboard of your bed your own. Pick from a variety of styles that include leather and fabric then customize the size, length or leg style. And just to add more charm, finish the bed with a wood finish or nail trim.

The Dining Room

Food is the great connector, connecting everyone that comes through the door of your home. That’s why everybody needs an awesome dining room, so what better way to make it more amazing than to customize it with your own personality. Many of our tables come with the option of choosing your base size, number of leaves or finish.

Upholstery & Finishes

Upholstery is your way to add color and charm to any piece of furniture in your home. We offer a multitude of different fabrics and cushions perfect for any piece in your home. Come to our showroom and check out our “wall of upholstery” where you will be sure to find the perfect fabric for you. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the newest trends in upholstery including

The Norwalk Furniture Performance Fabric Collection that has more than 250 fabrics that have set industry standards for durability, soil resistance, colorfastness, and cleanability. But why stop at custom fabrics, we also provide options for you to finish your furniture pieces. Add stains, paint colors or distressing techniques to your pieces for that custom charm.


Adding art to any room of your home can help create a sense of serenity and balance to your home. It can also add a unique aspect that is different from anyone else. Instead of buying generic artwork that you can find anywhere, visit us to choose from our vast selection of art. We hold art from Leftbank Art which has over 16,000 pieces, including Original Hand Paintings, Giclees, Prints on Canvas, Plexi, Outdoor, Glass Framed, Shadow Box Art and Murals, are created on site in Southern California. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to suit your personality and decor. As an added bonus we offer a wide selection of artwork that are available in a selection of sized, making it easier to find the right size for your space.

Your personal taste and personality will come to life with our diverse options for customization. We understand that putting together a room and working through all the customizations can be daunting. Our showrooms are staffed by people with years of experience working in the furniture and design industry. It is our goal to help you find pieces that are perfect for your space and express your personal taste.

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