Lynn H. – South Lyon Home Makeover

When Lynn sold her house a year and a half ago she got rid of most of her furniture in order to start fresh in her new condo. She hired Jaclyn from Home Interior Warehouse to design her new place and loved both the process and the results.

Q: Is this your first experience with an interior designer or have you worked with one before?
This my first experience with an interior designer.  Jaclyn Kruse was amazing and I loved working with her.  She very quickly learned my taste and continually brought me excellent options for the pieces that I needed.  The furniture, fabrics and accessories she selected for me to choose from were exactly what I was looking for. Her ideas and recommendations continually showed that she’s an excellent interior designer.

Q: What made you seek out an interior designer to help with your home?
After I sold my previous house, I either sold or gave away most of the furnishings.  I wanted my condo to have a warm, cozy and welcoming feel with warm tones and comfortable, classic and transitional pieces.  With the amount of furniture and accessories I needed for my new home, and the fact that I was traveling on business each week, I knew I could not do it well without the assistance of a professional interior designer.

Q: What were the main reasons you decided to hire Home Interior Warehouse to do your interior design?
I had purchased my kitchen table and chairs from the Home Interior Warehouse a few years prior and was very happy with the pieces.  Also, two of my close friends shop there regularly and I have always admired the furniture and accessories in their homes.  As I said, I knew that I was going to need help decorating and furnishing my home.

Q: How has having an interior designer affected your design hopes and dreams?
My home is exactly as I had envisioned and wanted.  I learned a lot from Jaclyn and love the way all the pieces and colors fit so well together throughout my home.

Q: How would you describe the style of your home? Contemporary/Modern? Rustic? Classic? Something else? Did you know this was your style before or did the interior designer help you discover that?
My style is Transitional/Traditional.  I always knew the type of furniture and décor that I liked and that felt “like home” to me – a warm and cozy feeling when you walk in.  Jaclyn helped steer me in the right direction and brought many pieces to me that I loved immediately!

Q: Was having an interior designer the experience you expected?
The experience far exceeded my expectations.

Q: What was your favorite part of having a HIW interior designer working in your home?
Even before I had closed on my condo, Jaclyn came over and measured, took pictures, talked about ideas and immediately got started with the first items I needed.  My living room and bedroom were the first rooms completed so it felt like home very soon after moving in.  As the furniture was delivered to the showroom, she grouped it all together and arranged for delivery.  She then met the delivery people at my home and set everything up – it was completely staged and perfect.  I was on conference calls during the time that both deliveries occurred – she took care of everything!

Q: How would you describe the way the interior designer listened and interpreted your design hopes and dreams?
She learned my taste quickly and would send me pictures and texts with a few options to choose from as we worked on ordering all of the items that I needed.  I was traveling weekly and my time at home was limited.  After selecting the items or fabrics that I thought I liked through the texts, I met with her at the showroom to review, finalize and order.  It could not have been easier.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece or pieces that were added to your home? Why is it / are they your favorite?
I love all of it but the furniture and lamps in my bedroom are favorites – I know I will continue to love them for many years to come.  There’s also a beautiful mirrored chest in the master hallway that I adore – it’s the first piece visitors see when they walk into my home.  All the furnishings are exactly what I wanted and the end result makes me very happy!

Take a look at her interior design project for more pictures of her home.

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