bedroom decorYour bedroom is where you spend many hours resting and rejuvenating, so it should probably be at the top of your list when it comes to decorating your home. Your bed frame and mattress is easily the focal point of any bedroom. At Home Interior Warehouse we can help you pick the right bed frame and even customized it so that your personality can come through in your living room. Here are some tips to help you choose the right mattress and bed frame.

Measure your room

Don’t underestimate the power of your tape measurer; when decorating it will be your best friend. Before you go out to buy your bed frame you always want to measure the length and width of your room. By measuring the room you can rest assure you are buying a bed frame the perfect size that will not overwhelm or underwhelm your room. You want to make sure you buy a frame that allows room dressers, chests, nightstands and any other furniture you may buy for the room itself. Also, consider where you want to place your bed if your room has a window check if it faces east or west, that will determine if and when the sun hits the room if you want the bed near it.

Carefully choose the mattress

This should come as no surprise to anyone that you should probably take your mattress for a test ride before committing to it. Do you want a firmer mattress, a softer one a Tempurpedic one the possibilities are endless? We encourage laying on a mattress before committing to one. Also, consider if you have any back pain, that may require a special mattress.

home decor - upholstered bed - home interior warehouseCustomize your frame

Customizing your bed frame is your chance to add your own personality to the bedroom. Whether it’s wood, leather or fabric your headboard style is important to the overall look of the bed. It is arguably the focus of the bed itself, so pick a headboard that matches the room’s color theme and one that has an architectural design that is unique to your personality. The base can be a good opportunity to add flair to the bed. Don’t go for basic or wheeled legs rather look for a tapered, metal, bracket or turned leg. With our Vanguard and Bassett bedroom series, we offer a wide range of customizations to make your bed your own; we have everything from nailhead trims, a wide range of headboard styles and thousands of upholstery samples to choose from.

Say yes to accessories

Pillows, bedspreads, and blankets all make for the perfect bed. Make an investment into buying accessories for your bed that fit your personality. Fun accent pillows or a beautifully patterned bedspread can add flair to the room, making it warm and inviting.

Shop for other furniture

Other pieces of furniture are a good way to help accentuate your bed. Fill your room with nightstands that mimic the architecture of your headboard. Put a bench at the end of your bed that matches the color and style of your frame. If your closet isn’t big enough adding a dresser that plays off your bed can be a good piece. Dressers give you a lot of options. You can easily find vintage or modern styles anywhere, including our store. A desk can also be a good furniture piece to add to the bedroom. Choose a desk that fits your room nicely relative to your bed, place it in a place where you will be productive and pair with a chair, but avoid office chairs.

With so many customization options it can be daunting to choose the right bed. Stop in and let one of our expert interior designers help you walk through the process.

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