Few things are as personal as one’s taste in artwork and wall art. For one, art in itself is subjective. Everybody has their own personal taste in artwork. When you walk into someone’s home, one of the first things you will notice is the artwork, or lack thereof, on their walls. What does your taste in art say about you? As interior designers, we love to find the balance of mixing subtle design elements with bold statements and the unexpected. Here’s a look at some of our favorite pieces of artwork and wall art. We think you’ll love how their variations work to perfectly embellish a home that’s neat and neutral!

Neutral Artwork

At Home Interior Warehouse we love all things neutral. We do, however, appreciate adding in elements of spice and interest to a space to make it intriguing, warm, and welcoming. We often highlight artwork and wall art in our showroom that is unique, eye-catching, and one of a kind. In one of our recent Walled Lake interior design projects, we chose a variety of artwork to embellish the home (as seen above). We especially love the hand-craftedness of the Graffiti Canvas. Each of these pieces incorporates a mixture of colors like cream, grey, and gold. Subtle yet eye-catching, we love the texture and style variation of each piece.

Mirrors as Wall Art

Decorating with mirrors is an interior designer’s best friend. For one, mirrors offer a one-two punch when it comes to decor. Not only are they versatile and beautiful, but they also illuminate spaces and highlight certain points of your design. You can make a space feel larger and add definition to an undefined area by decorating with mirrors. We love decorating with mirrors and consider them to be stunning works of art. Mirrors tend to blend seamlessly into a design because they reflect the color scheme. Many of the mirrors we offer at Home Interior Warehouse have fine detailing and embellishments. Whether you prefer a standard rectangle shape that’s crisp and clean or want something a little more ornate, we have your mirror needs covered!

Unconventional Artwork & Wall Art

One of the major benefits of working with a neutral palette is that you get to really play up details and let your personality shine throughout your decor. We love highlighting bright and bold pops of color in a crisp, neutral space. In many of our designs, we’ve achieved a striking and elegant look by incorporating non-traditional wall art. One-of-a-kind pieces like Sid Dickens’ decorative memory blocks, colorful glassware, and metallic bowls are all fantastic examples of unconventional wall art. Layering a neutral foundation with expressive pieces helps your design feel approachable. Creamy walls and grey/beige furniture act as an ideal canvas for unexpected displays of your personal style via artwork and wall art.

How are you decorating your home? The beauty of neutral decor is that it’s always fresh, airy, and warm. Bring life into your space with colorful and unique artwork and wall art. At Home Interior Warehouse, there’s always something new. We strive to bring you only the most beautiful and unique pieces. As one of Southeast Michigan’s premier furniture and home decor stores, we pride ourselves in offering quality pieces that bring the “wow” factor.

Are you inspired to get decorating? We’d love to help! Our interior designers want you to have it all. Get in touch with our professional interior design team to see how we can make your decorating dreams and design needs a reality!

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