At Home Interior Warehouse, we love transforming the look and feel of your home into the space you’ve always wanted. Store owner and interior designer Jackie Schwartz recently completed a design project in Novi, Michigan. The client, Renee, couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome. 

This particular project was essentially an entire-home overhaul. We updated paint colors and the furniture and accent pieces throughout the main floor of the home as well as the master bedroom. Having seen the work HIW did for her sister, Renee decided to see what the team at Home Interior Warehouse could do in her home. Jackie enjoyed working on this project with Renee. Once she got a feel for Renee’s style, Jackie says she felt really good about the remake of the home. Knowing what she [Renee] liked and what she didn’t like, Jackie helped Renee come up with a space that was both transitional and updated traditional. 

A believer in the timelessness of neutral decor, Jackie helped style Renee’s home in a gorgeous neutral palette with pops of well-placed color, like adding delightful touches of ever-popular blush pink with cream and gold accents in her bedroom. 

“One of my goals was to not only have the house turn out beautiful but to also have the process be as least stressful as possible for Renee,” Jackie says. 

Overall, the update made the home bright, inviting, and full of life. You won’t believe the transformation! 

Before Photos

Interview with Renee

Q. Was this your first experience with an interior designer or have you worked with one before?

A. I’ve had help picking out items in the store before but this was my first time bringing in a designer.

Q. What made you seek out an interior designer to help with your home?

A. I hadn’t remodeled my home in over 20 years. My sister worked with HIW and a friend also mentioned them. Two people mentioned the same place so I decided to go with them!

Q. What were the main reasons you decided to hire Home Interior Warehouse to do your interior design?

A. Honestly, I don’t have time to redesign everything. Having a designer would make the whole process easier and quicker. I said a prayer before I went in the store and said if Jackie’s here, then it’s meant to be. Well, Jackie was there so it was meant to be!

Q. How has having an interior designer affected your design hopes and dreams?

A. I am very happy with the end result. In some ways it was hard to change but Jackie was always very considerate about my concerns and did everything at my pace. They were very patient with me and took me along at a pace I was comfortable with. It’s hard to change when you’re used to something but now I look like I have a brand new house!

Q. How would you describe the style of your home? Contemporary/Modern? Rustic? Classic? Something else?

A. Transitional. It’s updated but not modern. A modern look in transitional style.

Q. Did you know this was your style before or did the interior designer help you discover that?

A. Well, I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. We worked off of each other. I’d walk into the showroom and say what I liked so they knew my tastes but helped keep things updated.

Q. Was having an interior designer the experience you expected?

A. Oh, they were awesome! Thoughtful, considerate, attentive. They gave me their cell phone numbers. I could text them and they’d reassure me or answer my concerns and questions. I liked the feedback they always gave me!

After Photos

Getting the look you’ve always wanted has never been easier with Home Interior Warehouse’s interior design services. In addition to having two home decor/furniture showrooms in Southeast Michigan, our team of professional designers works on local interior design projects throughout the year. As always, our professional staff is ready to help you transform your space into the home you’ve always wanted.

Our online store shows you just some of the many pieces we have to offer. Be sure to visit our showrooms to see our entire product line. At Home Interior Warehouse there’s always something new. For more design tips and showroom updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s in store.


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