The holidays offer a valuable design lesson that we should carry with us all throughout the year.

We embellish our homes with visual delights: mantle scrapes, table centerpieces, candles, florals and all that glitters. Our rooms come alive with accessories that compliment, enhance and ultimately bring our home interior design to a whole new level of interest. But, come January we pack it all away and our rooms go back to “normal”.

Why not carry the principles of holiday adornment throughout the winter season and frankly all through the year ?

Sorry, but the answer isn’t leaving the tree up through the Super Bowl!

But here are some ideas to keep the cheer in your home:

1. Replace your holiday florals with seasonal florals , While holly and ornaments read Christmas, greenery and florals (fresh or fresh-looking) are timeless. Consider a mantelpiece and table centerpieces just as you would for the holidays.


2. Keep those candles glowing! We carry a variety of candle bling to transform any candle into its own mini design element.

3. Add pillows and throws! Or perhaps a new area rug and hall table to fill the void where you placed your tree. No need to return to an empty corner or unwelcome front entry!


4. Display holiday photos in a collage of beautiful picture frames to remind you of the true gift of the holidays: treasured time with family and friends. Dedicate an entire table to your collection and watch the area visually come alive!


At the HIW we’re here to help you keep the holiday sparkle in your home long after the holiday decorations are packed away.

Mention this blog post and receive 25% off any of the design elements mentioned here!

Happy New Year!
Jackie Schwartz

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