Some of our favorite interior design projects are those that begin with a clean slate. The Yorkshire Model began with a stunning foundation, compliments to Norfolk Homes. As a leader in building new homes and communities, Norfolk Homes provides buyers with innovative design plans and uncompromised construction. The team at Home Interior Warehouse was thrilled to have been selected for our interior design services to complete the Yorkshire Model Home of Westchester Farms in Chelsea, Michigan.

“This is the second model that Home Interior Warehouse has done for us,” says Janet Smith (Sales Manager Michigan Division, Norfolk Homes). “We came back to them because the quality of furnishing that Home Interior Warehouse provides is timeless.”

In addition to adding furniture and decorating the Yorkshire Model Home, our team sat down with representatives from Norfolk to assist with selecting the interior paint colors as well as lighting throughout the home. “Overall, it was very much a positive experience,” says Janet.


She goes on to say, “The great thing about doing a model home with Home Interior Warehouse is that all of the furniture that clients see is available from the HIW showrooms. If somebody likes a particular piece they are able to actually find it, whereas sometimes homebuyers are frustrated to tour a model home and find that everything’s been sourced from out of state.”

Choosing the decor for a model home like the Yorkshire requires some creative thinking. For one, it’s important to make sure the model resembles an actual home. If the home looks too sterile, it won’t give the impression of being “home” to potential buyers. You also want to make sure you highlight the home’s potential by showing off its features, giving homebuyers vision of how they can make the space their own.

Styled by HIW interior designers Darlene and Jaclyn, the Yorkshire Model Home is a blend of transitional design elements. Determining the style of the home evolved organically as Darlene and Jaclyn worked with Norfolk Homes to select materials for both the home’s exterior and interior. When asked about the overall design process, Darlene says she wanted the design to flow as you transition from its exterior to its interior. When choosing various pieces and determining the overall feel of the home, she kept the homebuyer’s demographic in mind.

“There are a lot of young families in the area,” Darlene says. “Right now the trend is for a home to be comfortable yet good-looking…well put-together but not too formal.”

They wanted the furnishing and interior to reflect the home’s family-friendly layout. The transitional design of furniture offers the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary decor. Cozy, open, and bright, the Yorkshire Model Home is the perfect option for families looking to buy in the Chelsea, MI area.



See the full project here.

Getting the look you’ve always wanted has never been easier with Home Interior Warehouse’s interior design services. In addition to having two home decor/furniture showrooms in Southeast Michigan, our team of professional designers works on local interior design projects throughout the year. As always, our professional staff is ready to help you transform your space into the home you’ve always wanted. Get in touch by filling out the contact form and one of our interior designers will contact you about your project.

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