Have you ever wanted more out of your furniture? Perhaps you’ve purchased what seemed like the perfect piece only to find it didn’t quite meet your needs? We’ve all been there and as we steam-barrel through spring and head into summer, you’re probably wanting to give your home a bit of an upgrade. The budding and blooming spring foliage serves as a perpetual reminder that as the seasons are changing, perhaps freshening up our homes isn’t a bad idea. At Home Interior Warehouse, we can help! After last month’s pilgrimage to High Point Market, we’ve returned with oodles of spring trends that are perfect for any space. In this week’s blog, we focus on modular sectionals and multi-functional furniture. These multi-purpose pieces can help turn your home into an efficient, storage-friendly, and entertaining-ready hotspot! Read on to see how these looks can totally transform your space!

Multi-functional Furniture

multi-functional furniture

As we mentioned in previous blog posts, today’s world of furniture and interior design continues to adapt to our culture’s ever-growing need to creatively use our living spaces. Many times, this involves thinking far outside the box. While this can be challenging, it does force us to tap into our creative brainpower, producing a chic, custom, and unique end result.

True to its name, multi-functional furniture takes multiple furniture concepts and combines them into one sophisticated piece. For example, we can’t get enough of the super chic sofa table pictured above. What makes this piece truly unique are the stylish bar stools that fit perfectly underneath. Sofa tables are great for showcasing books and sentimental items but they also serve as the perfect place for a little extra bar seating. If you’re having guests over and need a few extra chairs, this use of multi-functional furniture is an easy way to welcome guests without needing to completely rearrange your space.

Incorporating multi-functional furniture pieces into your space can be as simple as:

  • Utilizing a storage ottoman that doubles as extra seating, a place to set a tray of drinks, or the perfect place to store games, remotes, and blankets
  • Bringing in a chic bench that serves as extra seating when needed but also works perfectly at the foot of a bed
  • Incorporating a modern dining room bench that can easily account for extra seating anywhere in your home when guests arrive

Multi-functional furniture was everywhere at High Point Market this spring but if you think this trend is only for designers, think again! We have a number of multi-functional furniture designs at Home Interior Warehouse so be sure to stop by our showrooms to see these looks in person!

Modular Sectionals

multi-functional furniture

Modular sectionals were a huge hit at High Point Market and their benefits are far-reaching! These clever sectionals put a strong emphasis on providing detachable pieces that can move and shift to your ever-changing needs. Have you ever wished the “L” of your sectional could flip to the other side of your couch? Or, perhaps you’ve longed for an extra large ottoman that could turn your sectional into a super-sized lounge area? Modular sectionals are here to save the day!

With a variety of playful options to choose from, many manufacturers are now incorporating customizable modular sectionals into their furniture line-ups. We can’t get enough of the sheer versatility these geometric pieces bring to the table. Entertaining has never been easier! Whether you want to completely change the look of your space or simply switch the chaise piece of your sectional, these transformative furniture pieces are sure to be a hit in your own home.  Be sure to stop by Home Interior Warehouse to see the new products that we’re bringing in that are perfect for lounging, entertaining, and more!

For more fresh ideas and for the latest High Point Market finds, visit Home Interior Warehouse! We strive to bring you only the most beautiful and unique pieces. As one of Southeast Michigan’s premier furniture and home decor stores, we pride ourselves in offering quality pieces that bring the “wow” factor.

Are you inspired to get decorating? We’d love to help! Our interior designers want you to have it all. Get in touch with our professional interior design team to see how we can make your decorating dreams and design needs a reality!

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