Spring is officially here and at Home Interior Warehouse, we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s just take a moment to ignore the barrage of rain we’ve been having in Southeast Michigan and focus on the beauty that is abounding all around us. From lush green lawns to budding tulips and magnolia trees, we are finally starting to see the evidence of spring in this northern state. This week marks the conclusion of our two-part blog series, Trendy Spring Colors. In last week’s blog, we talked about contrasting color combos like black and white as well as incorporating blue accents throughout your home. In this week’s blog we’ll take a look at two more color trends that Jackie and Darlene saw at High Point Market 2019. Without further ado, let’s bring on the color!

Green Accents

green spring color

Green is definitely a hot spring color trend this season; It just wouldn’t be a blog about spring color trends without mentioning something green! Green accents peppered the displays at High Point Market this year and we can certainly see why. As we slowly emerge from our wintery caves, seeing vibrant and budding green hues is both invigorating and welcoming. We can’t get enough of green’s tranquility that’s earthy, organic, and alluring. You can add a healthy dose of lush green tones in your own home for a peaceful and soothing feel.

One of our favorite ways to play with green is by incorporating beautiful silk florals throughout a space. From tiny buds in stylish vases to hanging wall planters and centerpiece displays, silk florals are a simple yet effective way to enjoy spring’s bounty indoors.

You can easily bring some green into your space in more nontraditional ways, as well. At Home Interior Warehouse we have a vast assortment of stunning accent furniture. Many of our upholstered pieces can be completely customized to your own liking, including fabric choices. Why not bring in a sassy green occasional chair into your space to add some punch? We also love to bring a variety of stylish and sophisticated wall art into our showrooms. If you aren’t quite ready for a green accent chair, bringing in a touch of this beautiful spring color can be as easy as finding the right piece of artwork.

Blue & Gold

spring color

Regardless of how you feel about the University of Michigan, blue and gold is one of this season’s most vibrant spring color trends. But, this color combo is not your traditional maize and blue. For this spring color trend, you’ll do well to incorporate rich blue tones ranging from deep, inky navy to dusty sky blue and combining it with glittering gold tones. We have many pieces of artwork at Home Interior Warehouse that elegantly use this color combo in stylish and unique ways. Bringing in an oversized piece of artwork in gold and blue tones will instantly transform your space.

Traditionally, gold can be seen as having an air of regality while blue is typically soothing, calming, and peaceful. This beautiful spring color combo will pack a one-two punch and help elevate your décor and interior mystique.

For more fresh ideas and for the latest High Point Market finds, visit Home Interior Warehouse! We strive to bring you only the most beautiful and unique pieces. As one of Southeast Michigan’s premier furniture and home decor stores, we pride ourselves in offering quality pieces that bring the “wow” factor.

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